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The spiritual heartbeat of our nation is steadily faltering - the evidence is all around, at every level of our society. We have serious challenges ahead of us if we are to see our beloved nation restored by the hand of God. But where do we begin?


Jesus' early followers turned the world upside down through the power of the Holy Spirit, and that same power is available to us. Yet they began simply with the people they knew.

Philip took his friend Nathanael to meet Jesus.  Andrew introduced his brother Simon to Jesus. Matthew organised a dinner party for his professional colleagues, inviting them to his home so they could meet Jesus, the guest of honour.  


Cornelius, a Roman centurion who was a man of prayer, made an appointment for Peter to come to his home to explain the Gospel and "called together his relatives and close friends". (Acts 10:24) to hear about Jesus.

Each of us knows people we care about who need the power of the Gospel in their lives. Keep praying for them - daily, by name - asking God to get their attention, open their minds, and change their hearts. Then pray about doing what Matthew did, what Cornelius did - figure out a way to invite some of them to your home or a community gathering place in November to hear the Gospel explained mass you pray, the Holy Spirit will prepare the way and penetrate hearts.

We are committed to seeing as many souls as possible ushered into the kingdom. We must plunder hell and populate heaven! Your prayers and gifts help us touch people with the hope of the Gospel. We thank you for taking the decision to support this ministry.


Apostle Joseph Serwadda


Victory Children's Church focuses on children ages 4 through 17 every Sunday Morning at the same time as our Adult Worship Service.

This special service is just for kids and brings bible stories to life and applies bible truth in a way children will understand.  Children will experience worship through singing, bible study and hands on activities.

Each week's activities are geared toward speaking to the kids on their own level and shows them how God's Word relates to their lives today!

The church also organises several off-site activities and get-togethers specially formatted to stimulate their young, active minds. 

Victory Christian Centre Youth Department focuses on inspiring the youth to live to the fullest of their potential, and achieve their life dreams as they relate to the Christian faith. We exist to serve young people by ministering healing, restoration and love especially to those who are discontented, misunderstood, frustrated and abused. We create the opportunity for spiritual, social and economic growth of young people as we prepare them to become faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ. 



Victory Women of the Word was founded in 1988 with about 20 members. Our mission is to "empower women with the Word". This ministry focuses on helping women deal with family matters, spiritual growth for women, sharing, moral education to children and unity amongst women as believers. This is fully achieved through our meetings and support groups.


The Victory Women of the Word ministry gives the women a chance to interact through our meetings, conferences, outings, dance and drama activities. Membership was made legible to all members of the church.



Victory Men's Ministry: At Victory Men's Ministry, we want every man in Uganda to know that our doors and our hearts are always open to them. By being active members of the church, men bolster their families chances against the tides of violence, poverty, moral depravity, and the failures that plague Ugandan men. By re-establishing their connection with the Lord, men inherently become better fathers, husbands, members of society and leaders in the community. Our main goals are that:

  • We want every man to come back to church. 
  • We want to help men find jobs in their communities.
  • We want every man to be a registered voter and participate in every election.
  • We want every man to help protect his community from violence and injustice.



Prison Ministry: Victory Christian Centre works to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ to incarcerated persons, nationwide and worldwide, and to help improve their welfare and livelihood during custody and after incarceration.


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Victory Christian Centre - Uganda

849-850 Ndeeba, Masaka Road near BMK,

P O Box 10725

Kampala, Uganda, AFRICA.


Phone: +256 414 272114




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